Dan Rather Responds To Deadly Florida Shooting With Heartbreaking Facebook Post


Every time there is a shooting, it’s the same story. Bought-and-paid-for Republican politicians pay lip service to “thoughts and prayers,” while continuing to insist that this problem is only solved by more guns, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. Those with common sense and empathy have taken a different route, expressing outrage at the fact that we continue to put up with indiscriminate mass slaughter as the status quo so that far-right gun owners can continue to engage in masturabatory cowboy fantasies while gun manufacturers rake in cash.

Legendary journalist Dan Rather added his voice to the chorus of those calling for change after the latest in a string of deadly mass shootings to open the year. The shooting in Parkland, Florida left at least 17 dead today, and marked the 18th shooting at a school just weeks into the year.

Dan Rather posted the following message in response:

‘Sadness and despair – those were my first reactions.

‘But then, quickly, I am hopping mad. My urge is to use a much stronger adjective but this is not a time to descend into profanity.

‘What happened in that Florida school today IS NOT OK. THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

‘Our children should be able to go to school and be SAFE.

‘Remember the national panic over Ebola? It ended up killing one person. But there was a national consensus that we would do whatever it took to protect Americans.

‘But when it comes to gun violence in schools, we just throw up our hands? Thoughts and prayers? Is that how we should have responded to threats like 9/11 as well?

‘We like to call ourselves the best country on Earth. We like to say how we have a can-do spirit to conquer challenges. But all that self-congratulatory rhetoric rings pretty damn hollow on days like today.

‘Anyone who says now isn’t the time to talk about gun violence, anyone who says there’s nothing we can do, anyone who offers up only thoughts and prayers is saying that they can’t be bothered with the hard work of trying to keep American children safe. Shame on them. And shame on our nation.’

Here’s the post in question:

Here are some of the responses to his statement, which has garnered tens of thousands of shares and interactions as of this writing:

It’s clear that Americans are getting sick and tired of the constant threat of mass shootings. However, it doesn’t seem likely that anything will be done. As many others have expressed, if Newtown didn’t result in changes, nothing will.

Here’s Dan Rather speaking on gun violence after the Orlando shooting:

Featured image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images