Stephen King Unleashes Awesome ‘Fat Ass’ Trump Rant After Useless Shooting Response


Because of the vacuum of moral leadership in the Trump administration, Americans are choosing to make their voices heard via Twitter. This functions not only as a vent for frustrations surrounding the uniquely American tragedy of almost constant mass shootings, but as a venue for the exchange of correct information. Twitter can also act as a consensus building tool, helping those who are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs.

Following the horrific (but not isolated) school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead, Republican politicians were quick pray but slow to give absolutely any meaningful proposals to keep this violence from happening. Since the United States government has neglected to enact any legislation (either addressing the availability of guns or the mental health crisis often blamed for mass shootings), there is a predictable cycle that usually follows these mass murders.

Republicans keep the victims in their thoughts and prayers. The next step is for Republicans to issue a vague statement about the “real” cause of the violence (hint: it’s not the availability of guns). Following this, Republican lawmakers then respond to any calls for political action to end this crisis of violence as too soon and disrespectful to the victims.

The one test of the true motives behind this last statement are Republican lawmakers actions regarding gun legislation in the weeks after a tragedy like this. If the immediate aftermath is an inappropriate time to address the roots of our violence-saturated culture and the excessive access to high-powered weapons, it goes to reason that these Republicans think that there is an appropriate time to address it.

But, as the old adagé goes, if the murder of twenty children at Sandy Hook didn’t motivate change, nothing will.

President Trump’s response fell exactly in line with what one would expect:

Maybe as a result of the stunning lack of morality and empathetic governing that this past year of the Trump administration has repeatedly exhibited, Trump’s claim that he is praying for victims ignited fury.

Author Stephen King predicted Trump’s response about an hour before Trump sent the above tweet:

When he was proven correct, he tweeted again:

Regular Americans seemed to share the same sense of rage and disbelief at our current violence-soaked culture and the constant stream of weapons that enable these horrific scenes:

Featured image: KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/Getty