GOP Governor Has A Ridiculous Solution For School Shootings – Prepare To Be Angry


After the horrible mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, people are struggling to make sense of the violence after 17 students and teachers were lost during the incident. Many people are targeting the blame at other sources rather than the availability of assault weapons in the country. People in power are looking the other way and straight past the guns that are causing horrendous problem.

Now, Kentucky governor Matt Bevin (R) is speaking out after the Parkland tragedy, and is blaming violent video games and music for the school shooting trend that has swept the nation. Bevin told The Cincinnati Enquirer:

‘We need to have an honest conversation as to what should and should not be allowed in the United States as it relates to the things being put in the hands of our young people.’

  • Well, Bevin, it might actually make sense not to put assault weapons in the hands of young people first. Let’s start with deadly weapons.

Bevin went on to say:

‘I’m a big believer in the First Amendment and right to free speech, but there are certain things that are so graphic as it relates to violence, and things that are so pornographic on a whole another front that we allow to pass under the guise of free speech, which arguably are. But there is zero redemptive value. There is zero upside to any of this being in the public domain, let alone in the minds and hands and homes of our young people.’

According to Newsweek:

‘In a Facebook address, Bevin called on a litany of people—from President Donald Trump and Congress, to video game and music producers—to find a solution to violence in the United States, though he refrained from mentioning anything about guns.’

Even after a recent shooting at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky, where a 15 year-old student killed two students and wounded 16 others, Bevin still doesn’t get the point. After that tragedy, Bevin came out with a statement saying:

‘This is a tremendous tragedy and speaks to the heartbreak present in our communities. It is unbelievable that this would happen in a small, close-knit community like Marshall County. As there is still much unknown, I encourage people to love on each other at this time. Do not speculate, but come alongside each other in support and allow the facts to come out.’

After the Las Vegas shooting, he issued this idiotic tweet:

Bevin’s logic comes from his own experiences in school when students would bring guns for show-in-tell. He said:

‘Sometimes they’d be in kids’ lockers. Nobody even thought about shooting other people with them. So it’s not a gun problem.’

Governor Bevin, students were not bringing AR-15’s to school decades ago. The sole intention of these assault weapons is to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible. Still, Bevin doesn’t realize that laws are important. Bevin said:

‘Our culture is crumbling from within…. All of you, we’ve got to step up. We’re the adults, lets act like it. Let’s step forward, let’s start a conversation and let’s try to figure out how to try to repair this fabric of America that’s getting shredded beyond recognition.’

Governor Bevin, some intelligent people out there have some very sensible ideas about how to create laws that would deter gun violence from happening. Just ask the survivors from Parkland. Conversation should lead to good laws that will protect America’s children and those who are diligently doing their jobs to educate them.

Here’s what Twitter thinks about Bevin’s ridiculous idea:

Featured image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images