Trump Busted Making Small Talk About Guns At Mar-a-Lago After Skipping Funerals


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Trump somehow finds a way to top himself. After a spectacularly terrible response to the mass shooting at a school in Florida that resulted in the deaths of 17 teachers and students, Trump continues to find new and innovative ways to bungle the handling of this tragedy.

Trump’s staff somehow convinced him to stay off the golf course this weekend. Like a rebellious teenager grounded by his parents, he spent the weekend in a bad mood. But not because children were gunned down by a semi-automatic weapon. No, he was frustrated because he spent all day watching Fox News:

Trump refused to actually engage with the students actively protesting and organizing and mourning a mere 20-minute drive away. He isolated himself, watched TV, and bolstered his obviously flagging self-esteem by making an appearance at a party held in Mar-a-Lago.

Not content to bask in chants of his name, he managed to use the horrific shooting as fodder for small talk. Instead of meeting with the students who had just been shot at by a semi-automatic rifle what their opinions were on gun control, Trump played it safe and asked people in his safe space what their opinions were. The Washington Post reports:

‘The president also surveyed Mar-a-Lago Club members about whether he ought to champion gun control measures in the wake of last week’s school massacre in nearby Parkland.’

In Trump’s twisted mind, people that can afford to stay at Mar-a-Lago are somehow more qualified to comment on gun control than the kids who saw their friends murdered in front of them.

To further add to the disgusting way Trump exploited the tragedy, he also name dropped the student’s names that were making statements about him on television. But instead of confronting the children himself, or even just independently make a decision on the matter, Trump simply left the issue up to the top one percent (that of course donate handsomely to his campaign/legal defense fund).

Featured image: Win McNamee/Getty