Trump Skips Parkland Funerals To Yell At Fox News Like A Crazy Old Man (DETAILS)


A huge majority of our nation has spent most of this past weekend rotating between feelings of shock, sadness, grief, hopelessness, anger, and fear. As the current pattern of frequent mass shootings shows no signs of stopping, students and parents across the nation are in a period of reflection.

The community of Parkland is coming together to begin to process both the loss of 17 people, as well as navigating how to usher in a systemic shift in our culture of guns and violence.

Nationwide attention is focused on the passionate response of the incredibly poised students that survived the shooting.

This eloquent student called her generation to action, citing the previous generations’ inability to fix this problem. She called out politicians that have taken money from the NRA.

Our American society has adapted to this cycle of mass shootings. We recoil in horror and call for reasonable gun control, so that it will never happen again. Then we listen to Republican politicians promise to address the real underlying issues (that never actually include guns).

In the past, we’ve given these Republicans the benefit of the doubt. It seems inconceivable that their words are hollow. Who is okay with children being murdered with semi-automatic assault rifles?

Immediately following the Parkland shooting, Trump broke the mold. Instead of responding with grace, compassion, and resolve, as we have come to expect from recent examples…

…Trump was silent until he offered vague feelings via Twitter. His first comment addressing the causes of the shooting actually just blamed the victims:

He’s spent barely any time with the victims, despite spending the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago mansion (which is only a twenty minute drive from the 17 funerals that are being held in Parkland.)

The bodies of these children aren’t even buried yet, and Trump has moved on to becoming loudly defensive about the Russia investigation.

He posted a spate of six tweets about Russia while the families were making funeral arrangements for their loved ones.

The White House claimed that Trump would be honoring the victims (with as little actual effort as possible) this weekend. Instead of attending any of the gatherings for the victims (again, only minutes away), Trump lounged in opulence and basked as people chanted his name at a party.

Frustrated by people forcing him to just pretend to be a decent person for 48 hours, Trump has spend his weekend selfishly whining:

Any veneer of decency or humanity that Trump previously displayed has completely worn off.

Featured image: Win McNamee/Getty