Trump Announces Plans For The Next Three Days & People Are Flipping Out


It’s been several days since the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, where a sick young man took the lives of 17 individuals who were simply going to school and going to work. Many of us are still reeling from the sheer carnage of the shooting. Also, many of us are now angry that we’re in the same predicament we see ourselves in regularly with mass shootings.

It has especially hit hard after learning more about the victims, getting to know them from the brief information posted on the internet and from the words of their family members. If you’re a decent human being, you should be. If you’re a parent that sends their children off to school every day, you definitely should be.

However, if you’re “President” Donald Trump, it’s business as usual and off to the golf course just days after meeting with the victims’ families. After resolving not to golf all weekend out of respect for the families and victims, he hit up his golf course in West Palm Beach Monday morning.

Remember how Trump criticized Obama for golfing? Yeah. After meeting with victims, Trump left to attend a party at Mar-a-Lago. Obama stuck around for hours in Sandy Hook.

This is the president of the United States folks. Now, some could claim he’s using it as a way to clear his mind and think about the absolute horror that an entire community just went through. However, we highly doubt that’s what he is doing – especially since he went to that party after meeting with victims. The last thing any normal person would want to do is go to a party after meeting with people involved in a mass shooting.

Featured image by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images.