Trump Refuses Invitation To FL Survivor Town Hall; Who He’ll Meet Instead Will Infuriate You


Every time there is a mass shooting involving students in America, we collectively hope that this time will be different. We hope that something will break the usual cycle of grief, anger, condolences, and inaction by Republican politicians. When the attention fades, Republicans take the opportunity to weaken gun control laws.

The students that survived the February 14 shooting in Parkland, Florida might just be the catalyst for change. Instead of quietly going back to school, these students are refusing to be ignored. They are not letting this issue fade from the national consciousness.

Survivors of this shooting have taken aim at the root of the issue: things never change because right-wing politicians don’t want them to. And right-wing politicians don’t want things to change because they count on funding from the National Rifle Association.

Students have held rallies and eloquently stated their position.

They have sat down with national media and challenged the status quo:

In response, President Trump honored the victims by not playing golf for exactly two days (he was back to it on Monday). He hung out and watched a lot of television, and then hit up a Mar-a-Lago party to make small talk about the massacre.

One thing that Trump does excel at is doggedly finding a way to reach new lows.

CNN is doing their part to amplify the voices of the students involved in the massacre. One commonality that’s woven throughout each student’s previous statements regarding the way forward is that they would welcome the opportunity to directly speak to Trump. This is why CNN invited Trump to meet with the students during a town hall meeting.

According to CNN:

‘President Donald Trump also declined a invitation to speak to the students and parents.’

Just let that sink in. He declined. Instead of going, will be spending that evening rubbing shoulders with the head of the NRA at CPAC.

The reactions on Twitter are sad and savage.

Featured image: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty