What Trump Did During Funeral Of Parkland Victim Will Have You Furious


Mr. Trump took a break from golfing over the weekend “to show respect” for the victims of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, which is just 30 minutes from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club. However, he did jump on Twitter basically to rant about the FBI, Russia, Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.

Monday, February 19, is designated as a holiday for President’s Day to be observed so of course, Trump decided that two days of showing “respect” was enough, and he was back to spend the day golfing at his Mar-a-Lago club. The only problem is that just a few miles away, the funeral of 15 year-old Luke Hoyer, a student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was taking place.

Luke’s obituary said:

‘Luke was a quiet young man with simple tastes: basketball, video games, chicken nuggets and anything sweet. He loved his family, his dogs and his friends. Luke didn’t need to say much; just having him around made the room feel warm and welcoming. His smile and good nature will be greatly missed by those that knew and loved him.’

Photo from dignitymemorial.com

If Republicans in Congress would take their eyes off themselves and understand that the vibrant lives of young people are being destroyed by killing machines so much that it is now a great public health concern, maybe some real common sense legislation could get passed. The president of the United States states has done nothing but remain aloof while offering empty thoughts and prayers, all while he blames mental illness for the problem.

For the families who lost their children in the tragic shooting, they will remember President’s Day for the rest of their lives as a day when they were grieving, and as a day when their so-called president did nothing to help or work to prevent this from occurring again.

Mr. Trump has shown anything but leadership throughout the course of this tragedy. One student from Parkland, Ameer Hussain, a 15 year-old freshman said:

‘In my opinion I do not want Trump here at all.’

According to The Daily Beast:

‘It’s common for presidents to visit the sites of national tragedies and, while there, meet with the affected. But Trump is neither a conventional president nor one whom many people here particularly want to see.’

Hussain said that he thought Trump would “use this event to make him look better politically.” He went on to say:

‘It’s not meaningful. He’s the president and he should be speaking on what he’s going to do to make it better for next time. My friend group, Hispanic kids, black kids, they’re not caring for this at all. My dad is of the same idea.’

Another student who remained anonymous said:

‘One big reason people don’t want him here was his speech yesterday and tweet of his. Apparently [the president] said it was the kids’ responsibility to report Nikolas Cruz so in a way it was our fault… A lot of people aren’t happy about his visit.’

Trump issued a tweet basically blaming others for not reporting Nikolas Cruz to authorities. The big problem is that the FBI was tipped and bears much of the blame for not following through with the information they received. This could have prevented the deaths of 17 students and staff.

Trump is a big example of actions speaking louder words. What he hasn’t done so far speaks volumes.

Not so shockingly, this is how Trump spent Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is traditionally a day of service:

This what people think about Trump’s Monday golf outing:

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