BREAKING: Trump Stuns America & Enacts Emergency Gun Control Mesures (DETAILS)


In the wake of the Parkland High School shooting that left 17 people dead and 13 more injured, young survivors have rallied in a call for change. As those who lived through a horrifyingly traumatic experience at such a tender age, it was difficult to argue that they were biased politically (although Trumpsters did try) or to say that they had no right to speak (Trumpsters tried that, too).

On Tuesday, those kids can mark up their first small victory in the fight for common sense gun law reform.

It’s a move not likely to win him many votes from Fox News viewers, but it was one of many small moves that were the right thing to do. The question, however, is this: will he keep listening? This is one small victory, but it cannot be the end of the conversation.

Twitter had mixed reactions to the news.

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