Military Veteran Crushes Trump & Gun Nuts With Viral Video That Has The NRA Terrified


In the wake of the Parkland shooting, some second amendment advocates have shown their true colors. It’s clear that to the right-wing pro-gun contingent of the Republican Party value their right to shoot an assault rifle more than they value the lives of those killed by those same guns.

Conservative politicians have been contorting themselves to please the National Rifle Association. An organization founded to teach gun safety, the NRA has mutated into an enormous lobbyist that opposes any and all gun safety regulations.

According to the NRA (and their bought-and-paid-for politicians), guns just aren’t the problem! Which means that to them, common-sense gun control measures are completely pointless. These politicians offer up a myriad of other solutions: Invest in mental health services (except they vote against expanded health care). Empower law enforcement agencies to stop perpetrators from committing violence (except they vote against measures to take guns away from felons). Give more “good guys” access to guns so that they can fight back in the event of an attack (this is the perfect solution, as it sells more guns and makes more money).

The last solution (more guns!) feeds into our nation-wide obsession with firepower. Men and women across the country feel entitled to own and shoot some of the most deadly weapons ever developed. The second amendment right to a “well-regulated militia” has been extrapolated to mean that literally anyone with interest should be able to purchase efficient killing machines to shoot at their leisure.

John T. O’Connell spoke directly to these individuals via Twitter:

Other veterans agreed:

Regular Americans wholeheartedly agreed:

Featured image: John T. O’Connell/Twitter