Trump Finishes Dinner; Gets Online; & Live Tweets Tuesday Night Meltdown Like A Lunatic


Perhaps nothing has become a more infamous move by President Trump since assuming office, than his consistent and unwavering attacks on what he claims to be the “fake news” media outlets. Popular targets of these illogical criticisms have included those such as CNN, New York Times, MSNBC, and others that have diametrically opposed his divisive policies.

More specifically, he has shown a tendency to pushback at any attempt by mainstream media outlets to present the facts regarding the ongoing investigation into the Russia scandal, and did so as recently as Tuesday night, when he blasted the outlets for biased portrayals of the investigation. Trump claimed on Tuesday that he has been tougher on Russia than previous administrations, disregarding the fact that he is the only one in recent memory to have a full-blown inquiry opened against him for possibly colluding with the Kremlin regime to win the 2016 presidential elections.

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Upon doing so, he followed up his attacks of news outlets in one of his all too common Twitter rants, claiming that their coverage of an anti-Trump Russia rally was only given air time given that protestors were rallying against him, and that otherwise would not have been covered.

According to Mueller’s most recent indictment, the protest that the president was referring to was, in fact, organized by Russian-linked agents, and therefore being used by Trump as an opportunity to further lambast the mainstream media. The rally, which was organized and took place shortly following the victory of Trump, is interesting in that it is among the first depictions of Russian’s working against the interests of the current administration.

Trump is seemingly using the opportunity to lash out at news outlets in an extensive way, as this presents one of the few times his criticisms may hold any shred of legitimacy. However, what he fails to take into consideration, is that at the same time these protests were taking place, others around the country were occurring as well, shedding light on the reality of disdain and angst against the current administration.

With the Trump team is working diligently to deflect any claims that they had involvement in Russia’s meddling of the 2016 elections, and this recent discovery only provides a small example of such deflection. However, the investigation remains ongoing, and the extent of evidence stacked against the president and his team seems to be growing on a near-daily basis.

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