Trump Jr. Announces Unscheduled Trip That Has Officials Wigging Out


When Donald Trump initially won the bid for presidency in 2016, one of the most concerning issues was whether or not he would be able to keep his business interests separate from public office. Despite the president claiming that this would not be a problem as a result of a blind trust he was establishing to have his children operate the business while in office, it is become increasingly clear that such interests influence official decisions.

Most recently, Donald Trump Jr. announced a trip he was taking to India, which initially was solely for business and promotional related issues. However, while on his trip, Trump Jr. claimed that he will be making a speech that would otherwise be saved for political officials. He is reported to be speaking at an event entitled “Preparing India for the Future,” which is a foreign policy event that will be attended by various diplomats in the country.

Trump Jr., who is also the executive vice president of The Trump Organization, will be speaking on new ties between the two countries, and a new era of cooperation in the region. The Trump Organization has real estate-related interests in the country, licensing their last name on buildings and signing contracts with building owners that members of the Trump family will visit for promotional reasons, as a means of providing an extent of assurance to those who undertake the massive, and fairly risk, projects.

At the same time that the president is working to deepen ties with India, it is coincidental that his son just so happens to currently be on a business trip to the country. Although President Trump vowed that the blind trust will be duly upheld, certain indications, such as Don Jr.’s trip, provide insight into the fact that the operations of the Trump Organization may not be as entirely under the hands of his children as expected. With Don Jr. also conducting his travels accompanied by the Secret Service, it is yet another means by which the Trump administration has effectively used taxpayer money to fund external ventures.

Featured Image by Getty Images