Hair Band Has-Been Ted Nugent Says Shooting Survivors Are Paid Actors


Last week’s horrendous attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which left 17 people dead in its aftermath, has been a major wakeup call for both individuals and lawmakers alike, as issues surrounding gun control have been put more prominently on the forefront of much needed reforms. As students around the country continue to stage walkouts and protest in solidarity with their Florida peers, it is clear that these young activists are starting to take matters into their own hands, no longer standing idly by while the government fails to protect them.

Unfortunately, however, not everyone is seeing the actions of these inspiring youth as a positive thing, with some claiming that their activism as illegitimate and staged. One individual that has come under fire for criticizing the outspoken students is none other than conservative rockstar Ted Nugent, as he shared an article on Facebook suggesting that one of the more vocal students in the push for gun reform is being coached to recite lines by organizations proposing stricter measures.

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According to an article by MLive:

‘Michigan rocker Ted Nugent is under fire for sharing an article on Facebook that alleges an outspoken survivor of the Feb. 14 mass shooting in Parkland, Fla. is an actor coached to push for gun control.

‘Nugent, an outspoken conservative who was one of President Donald Trump’s strongest supporters during his crucial Michigan campaign, shared an article Tuesday that was posted by the less-than-credible publication Natural News.’

Nugent, who also sits as a board member for the National Rifle Association (NRA), targeted student David Hogg for advocating more restrictive gun control laws, as well as liking a comment on his post which pushed the wild conspiracy that Hogg was not even a student, but rather a 26-year-old actor. Some have even claimed that Hogg is being coached by his father, a retired FBI agent, in regards to what he should say when speaking out in public.

Hogg, who is actually 17-years-old, has been the frequent target for conspiracy driven attacks since the shooting, as he has frequently been seen on television speaking out for comprehensive gun control laws after the shooting that took place at his school. Hogg appeared on CNN to speak with Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, in which he outlined that he was not a “crisis actor”, but rather someone who had to witness these horrific events first hand, and now feels a need to share his voice in the hopes for more cohesive gun reform laws.

Since the shooting, various students have become overtly vocal regarding their beliefs on gun control, and the extent to which mostly GOP lawmakers continue to cater to gun lobby interests, rather than protecting the lives of innocent people. For some conservatives to use this circumstance as a means of politicizing a clearly tragic circumstance is despicable to say the least, and pathetic at best. As more and more young activists take the main stage in putting pressure on lawmakers to make a substantial change, it is crucial that they are not only supported in their efforts, but lauded for their awareness and understanding that raising your voice is an active obligation for anybody who hopes to live in a true democracy.

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