Image Of Trump’s Notes For Meeting With Shooting Survivors Goes Viral Instantly


Even in the face of a nationwide tragedy, one in which anybody with a sense of sincere emotion would be able to empathize with, President Donald Trump again shows his inability to show heartfelt or genuine emotions. On Tuesday, Trump met with survivors of the Florida high school shooting, as well as family members of the victims of the attack. However, despite his greatest attempts to show that he can express emotion and sympathy for this despicable act of violence, Trump was pictured holding notes as to what he should say and how to respond to those at the listening session.

A photo taken by AP photographer Carolyn Kaster shows just a couple points that the president jotted down before attending the session, and shows the extent to which basic understanding and consideration of concerns is a skill that Trump clearly does not have.

The notes picture two clearly legible lines, while the rest are covered by Trump’s hands. Of the ones that could be read, the president had written down a question he should ask the survivors, “What would you most want me to know about your experience?”, as well as a way to move past tough issues, by stating the phrase “I hear you.” A second, partially covered, point can be potentially inferred as saying, “What can we do to help you feel safe?”

The issue is not the fact that Trump required notes to get him through the listening session, but rather the context of the points themselves. Understanding clearly that the only way to ensure safety moving forward would be through comprehensive gun control, Trump’s notes seemingly show a president that cares little about the tragic events that survivors and family members had to go through, rather asking arbitrary questions that hold no inherent meaning.

Social media users on Twitter were quick to point out the ingenuity of the president’s listening session as a mere media stunt, rather than truly caring about what the individuals had to say and how best to help them.

Featured Image by Getty Images