Trump Jr Just ‘LIKED’ A Shooting Conspiracy Tweet – Prepare To Be Furious


In the race for who is the most despicable person named Trump, it’s hard to decide between Senior and Junior. While it may be Senior who was elected and has the most ability as president to influence laws and lawmakers, it is Junior who has made it his personal mission in life to influence political narrative on social media. His latest, and possibly most disgusting, attempt to shape a response to a political conversation has already shown dangerous consequences.

It was disgusting enough when right-wing media’s Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit tweeted the article above, but the son of a U.S. president with nearly three million Twitter followers liking that tweet made sure the disgust spread like manure all over social media. The conversation among right-wing gun lovers around the brave voices of high school students speaking out after watching 17 of their friends be gunned down went from being ugly and cruel to downright dangerous.

While insulting high school kids who have just survived a senseless tragedy is nauseating, after Junior liked that tweet from Gateway Pundit calling those children “paid crisis actors,” the number of social media accounts who began spreading that narrative exploded.

“This afternoon, the Gateway Pundit received a tip from a father of one of the Parkland school shooter survivors. Concerned and enraged, he confirmed what Gateway Pundit previously reported: these children are being used as political tools by the far left to further anti-Conservative rhetoric and an anti-gun agenda. The students at the forefront of this agenda were all peers of his child, they were all members of the same drama club at their high school…these students are theater-trained…We already reported that one of the student’s fathers, Hogg, was a former FBI agent. We now know the other radical groups behind the recent activism. Behind the teenagers, working as the string-pullers, are the same people behind the Women’s March. They are vehemently anti-gun, anti-American, and anti-Trump – this is part of their sales pitch.”

The responses to the rallying cries of these traumatized children changed instantly.

This is a small step away from saying that the shooting never actually happened, that the whole story was cooked up by Democrats bent on taking away guns from patriots so they can institute Sharia Law and turn the country into Nazi Germany. In other words, this is the beginning of Sandy Hook trutherism, just in a new form.

This time, however, when the “truthers” overpower every online conversation, we’ll have Donald Trump, Jr. to thank for that.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube