GOP Congressional Candidate Busted For Threatening Her Husband’s Life (DETAILS)


As the 2018 midterm elections inch closer and closer, many feel that the outcomes of the various votes will be an indication and turning point for things to come throughout the rest of the Trump administration’s first term. For Democrats, the midterm elections now provide an opportunity to regain a vast number of seats that have been lost in recent years, as well as flipping some that have been historically red districts, considering the extent of damage the Trump and the GOP have caused themselves in the last year.

On the other hand, Republicans do not feel as confident as the Democrats do for the upcoming elections, as a year of President Donald Trump has led to significant detriment to their credibility as a party and as individual policymakers, as supporting some of the administration’s divisive policies has led to concerns among constituents. As a result, the GOP is on full-scale damage control for the 2018 midterms, as they aim to retain as many seats possible, in order to maintain majority control in the House, Senate, and some state and local legislatures as well. However, as has been a clear trend among GOP officials and candidates over the last year, controversy always seems to follow closely behind them, hindering their ability to retain seats one district at a time.

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The most recent Republican hopeful that has come under fire is that of Shannon Edwards, running for Congress against incumbent Rep. Mike Doyle (D-PA), after she announced her bid for the district on Wednesday of this week. Reports have emerged that Edwards, who might be best known for her affair with former Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), allegedly attacked husband, Jesse Sally, in 2016 during a drunken tirade, going as far as threatening to kill him during the incident.

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Tribune Review article recounting claims made by Edwards’s husband states that:

‘He said he left the room and she followed him around the house. When he returned to the bedroom, she put her face “inches away” from his face and told him, “I’m going to kill you,” according to the petition… She had made the threat on multiple occasions, and three months earlier told Sally she would kill him in his sleep with a steak knife, according to the petition.’

Despite being a forensic psychologist herself, the events that transpired provide insight into the internal instabilities that Edwards is facing. During an announcement for her campaign, she reiterated that she would continue working to improve her current mental health conditions.

In the last few months, various reports and claims have emerged questioning the mental stability of President Donald Trump himself, and whether or not he is capable of operating in such a powerful position. Although reports from White House doctors have cleared the president’s mental fitness, the fact remains that some of Trump’s troubling comments and behaviors make the doctor’s diagnosis hard to believe. With one loose cannon already in public office, the last thing the nation needs is another newcomer that is mentally incapable of functioning in a position of high responsibility and properly representing the interests of others.

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