New Reports Indicate Trump Will Make A Top Cabinet Member Fire Kushner (DETAILS)


After a full sixteen months of a campaign that saw a presidential candidate leading his followers in chants of “lock her up!” because they believed Hillary Clinton may have mishandled classified information with her use of a private email server during her time in the State Department, Trump’s supporters don’t seem nearly as concerned about that same crime today.

As of November 2017, 130 of the Trump administration’s White House officials still did not have full security clearance despite the fact that they were accessing the country’s most sensitive information. One of those officials was denied full clearance numerous times but was allowed to continue working as the president’s White House staff secretary. When it was revealed that the denial was based on a restraining order against the staff member, Rob Porter, Trump and his administration covered for, covered up, and aided a man credibly accused of violence against both of his ex-wives.

Porter resigned in disgrace (although the White House, and the president, continued to praise him in glowing terms), but another name consistently is raised in discussions of the staff’s failure to have obtained security clearance more than a year into Trump’s presidency. If that staff member is forced out, as well, it is difficult to imagine him being fired by Trump himself.

That staff member is Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Would Trump really fire a member of his family (when he clearly should be forced to resign)? Of course he won’t, which is why Trump deflected responsibility on Friday when asked tough questions about Kushner’s continued presence in such complicated international matters without full security clearance.

When asked during a press conference about Kushner’s lack of security clearance and whether or not it would affect his job, Trump said:

‘I will let Gen. Kelly make that decision. And he’s going to do what’s right for the country. And I have no doubt he will make the right decision.’

Having to fire your own son-in-law is bad enough, but having to fire your boss’s son-in-law is a daunting and almost unimaginable task. This exact type of conundrum is precisely the reason Trump should have been warned against hiring his close family members to such top positions, especially when those positions call for such lofty goals as bringing peace to the Middle East. That type of negotiations requires access to potentially explosive pieces of classified information and Kushner does not have the proper clearance to view them, and still he is given access.

According to NBC News:

‘In the aftermath of a scandal regarding domestic abuse allegations against former staff secretary Rob Porter, Kelly ordered an overhaul of White House security clearances processes — including a discontinuance of any interim security clearances for staff in the Executive Office of the President whose permanent clearance requests have been pending since June 1, 2017.’

Although the reasons behind Rob Porter’s failure to be granted clearance have become well-known as his brave victims speak out, the denial of Kushner’s clearance is not yet known. Should the reason for the denial be something as serious as Porter’s on any level, someone will be faced with the task of firing him or forcing his resignation. It appears as if Trump doesn’t have the spine to fire the father of his grandchildren, so he’ll just stick his chief of staff with the job.

Featured image via Getty/The Washington Post