Parkland Survivor Calls Out Melania For Doing Nothing About Trump Jr.’s Cyber Bullying


The wave of advocacy that has emerged from students around the country after the mass shooting that took place at a Florida high school is inspiring, to say the least, as students around the country are rising in solidarity with the victims and to show support for the survivors. Whether the activism has occurred through walkout protests at schools, actively voicing their opinions in public, or raising a campaign to put pressure on lawmakers to enact gun reform, it is clear that these young people are taking matters into their own hands.

However, not everyone can see the inspirational component of the activism, and rather, are doing whatever they can to dismantle the ever growing movement. Gun proponent conspiracy theorists have recently began circulating claims online that the students who are advocating so passionately are not doing so of their own accord, but rather are being coached and scripted in what they should say in public. Whereas one could expect this form of behavior from misinformed and under-educated individuals in the social media sphere, what is not often expected, yet coming as no surprise, is the extent to which those in positions of authority are granting credence to the conspiracies.

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Specifically, the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has been found repeatedly liking the posts and comments made asserting that the high school students are scripted in their speech, as opposed to squashing the unfounded claims as disrespectful and irrelevant. Yet, as mentioned above, despite being unexpected behavior from someone of his position, the actions come as no real surprise, considering Trump Jr.’s seeming itch to fuel the fire of controversy.

A survivor of the Florida shooting took to Twitter on Friday, directly criticizing First Lady Melania Trump for her stepson’s behavior online. Lauren Hogg, a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, called into question Mrs. Trump’s mission of stopping cyberbullying as first lady, considering the fact that her own stepson consistently empowers online bullies to continue their attacks.

Lauren and her brother, David Hogg, have been among the two most vocal student activists since the shooting took place, and have simultaneously been the target of the many conspiracy theories that have arisen. One of the initial fabricated claims that was made included that of the intention of David Hogg, with conspiracists circulating the idea that Hogg’s father, a retired FBI agent, was coaching his son on what to say in public and specific lines to recite. Despite there being no justifiable evidence to prove this matter, it has nonetheless become one of the more widely spread conspiracies.

Melania Trump, who has committed to using her position of power to fight cyberbullying, has been questioned and criticized for her choice of issue, considering the extent to which President Trump uses online platforms to push attacks on his opponents. Nevertheless, if the first lady truly has aimed to embody this goal, it is impossible for her to accomplish it by standing idly by. Even if it is unpopular, if Mrs. Trump is to stick to her word, the time is now to stand up for the dozens of young students who are being targeted online for their outspokenness.

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