Survivor David Hogg Has A Brilliant Message For His Social Media Conspiracy Bullies


When parents of massacred Sandy Hook Elementary students spoke out on the need for common sense gun reform laws, the disgusting conspiracy theory of a manufactured school shooting began, pushed by folks like the president’s friend and trusted news source, Alex Jones. Now that some of the actual survivors of a mass shooting, underaged high school kids from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, are speaking out, the theories are becoming even worse.

One such victim of the social media conspiracy theory attacks is 17-year-old David Hogg. After the teenager survived a mass shooting, watching 17 of his friends and school faculty members get gunned down by a 19-year-old who legally bought an AR-15 to do the most damage possible, Hogg began speaking out on social media and in the press on behalf of his classmates who favor stricter gun laws.

Right-wing conspiracy theorists went into overtime mode to discredit the child.

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Following a disgusting story that was “liked” on Twitter by the president’s own son, Donald Trump, Jr., Hogg has been bullied on social media, called a “crisis actor” only interested in fame and money, and worse. For all of those too attached to their guns to be disgusted by the idea of attacking a child survivor of a school shooting, Hogg has a message.

‘We will outlive you.’

In an interview on CNN, Hogg also thanked his online attackers, letting them know that they are “great advertising” for the message that he and his fellow high school students are trying to get out to the rest of the country.

‘I got so many more press people covering me and covering this event. They’re helping people not forget about this, and for that I actually thank them.’

While Hogg has spent his time since the shooting getting a message out that is changing the attitudes of Americans on gun control in support of children’s safety in schools, his critics have dug up photos of a tour Hogg’s parents took him on at CNN’s new studios in Atlanta, Georgia while he was in middle school that somehow prove to them that this child is part of some deep state conspiracy to take their firearms.

The fact that his father is a retired FBI agent fueled them even more, as every FBI agent has some ulterior Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama-supporting motive for supporting liberal gun laws.

Hogg is correct in his assessment, however, that these disgusting conspiracy-theory pushers are doing nothing more than making this well-spoken, intelligent, passionate child into a household name. For that, at least, we can thank them.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube