GOP Enters Full Panic; Another Trump District Turns Blue & Democrats Are Taking Control


In yet another turnaround victory for Democrats, a special election which took place in New Hampshire on Tuesday found conservatives losing a seat, in a district which had just a year prior voted for Donald Trump in the general election. In 2016 voting, the district had voted in favor of Trump by a considerable margin, with Clinton losing it by 13 points. Nevertheless, today’s victory provides insight into the fact that the GOP is consistently losing popularity in previously supportive areas around the country, setting the stage for what may come when the midterm elections start in just a couple months.

In the New Hampshire district, voters favored a substance abuse counselor, Philip Spagnuolo, over Les Cartier, who was a former state employee. Spagnuolo found himself winning the race by roughly seven percentage points over his competitor, more specifically 968 votes to 841.

The district suddenly turning blue is definitely no coincidence for the Democrats, as the onset of the Trump presidency has caused detriment to the GOP popularity and credibility as a whole. The victory in New Hampshire is just a single example of a much larger string of victories that Democrats have enjoyed in recent special elections, one of the most notable being the election of Democrat Doug Jones over Republican Roy Moore in the special election for Senate in Alabama.

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) has claimed that they are strategically analyzing regions and other districts that have grown critical of the Trump presidency, after having voted for him in the general elections. As a result, much like the outcome of the New Hampshire district earlier today, Democrats have been able to target the battleground districts and place strategic resources to increase the chances of victory.

With the midterm elections not too far off, the GOP is scrambling to retain any shred of credibility that still remains among their voters, as the Trump presidency has not only been increasing negative sentiment throughout the party voters, but also creating a divide within the Republican party itself. Despite their greatest attempts, it is becoming quite clear that the national mindset has shifted considerably since having voted for President Trump, which could play as a major benefit for Democrats to retain more control in state and federal legislatures.

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