Trump Hotel Turns Into Scene Of Chaos; Police Swarm & Hell Is Breaking Loose (DETAILS)


People are trying to decide whether Donald Trump and his family could be involved in Russia’s hacking of the United States’ 2016 presidential election. There are those who believe that past behavior predicts current behavior. What exactly has been the Trump behavior?

David Fahrenthold, a Washington Post reporter, covers Donald Trump’s “businesses and conflicts of interest.” He also works as an MSNBC contributor. He tweeted with a conciseness rarely seen about Trump’s Panama hotel conflict:

‘Majority owner of @realDonaldTrump’s Panama hotel shows up, orders Trump Org out. Police called. Trumps stay.’

It seems that rival teams of security guards have been warring against one another in a stairwell of the Trump luxury hotel in Panama.

The problem has been the dispute over which side has control of the hotel. According to The Washington Post, the two factions going at it.

One of Trump’s security officials was screaming in Spanish “Out!” at a group of condo owners tried to take control of a room that was full of computer equipment.

Then, the Panama City police showed up. Apparently, someone had called them about the mayhem – again.

This was the fourth time that police have been called to break up minor free-for-alls at the tower.


The hotel’s owners have been trying to fire the Trump Hotels management. Meanwhile, the management company owned by Donald Trump claimed the owners were trying to illegally break their contract.

The police handcuffed one of the president’s security guards at the hotel, after he and other Trump security employees refused to leave.

According to Farenthold, Trump people stayed and won this round.

Featured Image via Getty Images/Spencer Platt.