Kushner Accused Of Threatening Countries Into Not Cooperating With Robert Mueller


The president and his son-in-law have been hit by bombshell after bombshell in the growing investigation into the Trump/Russia probe, Kushner’s downgraded security clearance, shady business deals coming to light, and reports of chaos and defections among staff in the White House. Now, a whole new accusation against Kushner takes the entire story into a whole new level of corruption.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly looked into many different areas of Jared Kushner’s family business dealings both before and after Kushner’s appointment to a federal government position. The newest bombshell to be revealed, however, is stunning.

According to NBC News:

‘Qatari government officials visiting the U.S. in late January and early February considered turning over to Mueller what they believe is evidence of efforts by their country’s Persian Gulf neighbors in coordination with Kushner to hurt their country, four people familiar with the matter said. The Qatari officials decided against cooperating with Mueller for now out of fear it would further strain the country’s relations with the White House, these people said.’

According to sources, Kushner Companies had reached out to Qatar about investing in real estate property numerous times, all the way up until the spring of 2017, but the government declined to do business with them. Jared Kushner also held a meeting in Trump Tower during the presidential transition period with Qatar’s Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani and “sources familiar with the meeting” say that the business investment was once again discussed.

The specific real estate property up for discussion was 666 Fifth Avenue, an investment that was leading Kushner Companies toward a massive business debt of $1.4 billion due next year. Sources say Kushner continued having those conversations with the prime minister well after he took office and had agreed to cut all ties to his family business.

If those sources are correct, Kushner has violated the emoluments clause, but the information that Qatari government officials considered giving Mueller was far worse.

‘In the weeks after Kushner Companies’ talks with the Qatari government and HBJ collapsed, the White House strongly backed an economically punishing blockade against Qatar, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, citing the country’s support for terrorism as the impetus. Kushner, who is both President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and a key adviser, has played a major role in Trump’s Middle East policy and has developed close relationships with the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE.’

Qatar is only one country of interest in this area of Mueller’s investigation, but the fact that their government officials may have information that could expose Kushner’s use of his government position to retaliate against foreign governments for business purposes is especially explosive.

Other foreign officials have disputed Kushner’s version of meetings and dealings during the transition period, as well.

‘Federal investigators, as well as lawmakers, have scrutinized Kushner’s transition meetings with Russians and officials from the UAE, according to four sources. Kushner had a meeting with Sergey Gorkov, the head of a Russian bank that is under U.S. sanctions, which was held in the New York office of one of Kushner’s friends, according to a person familiar with the meeting. Kushner has said he did not discuss sanctions with Gorkov, who has said they did.’

Featured image via Getty/Drew Angerer