Kimmel’s Amazing Oscar Opening Just Took Aim At Mike Pence In The Funniest Way Ever


Over the last year, as the Trump presidency has taken full effect and individuals become more vocal about accountability of those in power, one of the biggest stages that has voiced their opinion on the current state of society is that of Hollywood celebrities. This was seen during the Academy Awards, Emmy’s Awards, and other similar events wherein some of the most influential individuals around the country have stood against the ongoing problems faced today, including racial divide, sexual harassment, and the importance of standing up in the face of such adversity.

The most recent case of this can be seen in just the opening monologue given by Jimmy Kimmel, someone who has embodied the outspoken nature of the recent year. In doing so, the talk show host addressed the increasing number of sexual allegations against prominent Hollywood figures, including Harvey Weinstein, commending the #MeToo movement that has surged throughout the industry in the last year.

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After making various humorous jabs regarding the sexual assaults that had arisen, Kimmel took on a more serious tone, as outlined in a New York Times article:

‘[Kimmel] then grew serious for a moment and talked about the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, which started in Hollywood after the revelations about Mr. Weinstein and have reverberated across the globe, challenging the entertainment industry to make good on its promise to reform itself. “The world is watching us,” he said. “We need to set an example.”

Kimmel also made a humorous remark regarding the vice president, Mike Pence, in referencing one of the most widely acclaimed films of the past year, Call Me By Your Name. The film, which revolves around a love story of two gay men, was used by Kimmel to claim satirically that movies such as those were made only to upset Mike Pence, who is known for his openly anti-gay rhetoric.

Kimmel also alluded to the increasing momentum of the Never Again movement that has been sparked by students around the country following the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, encouraging individuals to stand with these brave advocates as they push for a safer and more secure national community. With Kimmel being a veteran of outspokenness and funny monologues that shed light on the reality of current society, it will be interesting to see what else emerges from this year’s Oscar awards, and how many will stand up for the ongoing problems we face, promoting calls to action to the rest of the country to help empower reform moving forward.

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