BREAKING: Republican Stuns GOP & Abruptly Switches Party; Will Run As Democrat In 2018


With the #MeToo movement and the refusal of women to accept sexual harassment as a norm, an unprecedented number of women are stepping up and running for political offices across the country. Better yet, they are running as Democrats – including one former Republican.

Deborah Gibson, a Roy Moore accuser and prominent Republican, has announced she will run for office in Florida. reported:

‘Gibson said she will seek the 89th District Seat in the Florida House as a Democrat. The seat is currently held by Republican Bill Hager.’

Screenshot via CrowdPAC.


During the tumultuous special election to fill Attorney General Jeff Session’s vacant Senate seat, Republican candidate Roy Moore was accused by several women of sexually harassing them, pursuing them, touching them, diddling them, whatever you want to call it. Furthermore, he did so while they were minors (and he was an adult).

‘The dating relationship between the two reportedly began when Moore, then with the Etowah County District Attorney’s Office, spoke at Wesson’s high school. Wesson did not accuse Moore of molesting her, saying their relationship consisted only of consensual kissing.’

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images.


Let the Republican justifications begin. She may have “consented” as a teenager; however, being pursued by a man in his 30s (especially one in a powerful position) can influence a child and pressure them into doing something they may not otherwise do.

Can you hear that? That’s Republicans screaming it was a conspiracy, and she did it all to up her profile.

Gibson remarked on her candidacy:

‘Coming off the sidelines for the first time politically seems a natural response to realizing that too many of us, particularly women, have felt that some special mysterious qualification was needed to participate in our democratic process as a candidate.

‘The past 5 months have crystallized what’s been coming to me for a decade more gradually – the Republican Party is no longer the right fit for me; I am proudly running as a Democrat.’

Featured image screenshot via YouTube.