Melania Trump Has Enough & Humiliates Donald Like A Boss LIVE On Camera (IMAGES)


Donald and Melania were apparently paying attention to media headlines while on Air Force One Friday afternoon, because Melania just dissed her husband in front of cameras again.

All eyes were on the POTUS and FLOTUS as they deboarded the jumbo jet, and for pretty good reason. When they boarded the plane, the weather was atrocious. There was freezing, rain and the wind was blowing hard.

Trump, being the amazing husband, and general protector that he is, hopped out of the official vehicle and ran up the ┬ástairs to the plane as quickly as he could without looking too stupid. That’s when Melania was let out of the vehicle to brave the storm in a knee-length skirt. Alone.

The video of her struggle went viral in seconds. Here it is below:

It’s obvious that news spread to the couple while they were on the plane, leaving Melania fed up with being made to look like a fool. It’s highly unlikely she actually expected him to be chivalrous, and that the anger she displayed upon exiting the aircraft is due to the media storm.

Check out Melania refusing to take Trump’s hand once again.