BREAKING: Trump Rocked By Saturday Criminal Complaint Filing; W.H. Panics


While right-wingers twist themselves into giant knots trying to justify their continued support of a president who cheated on his wife as she recovered from childbirth with an adult film star, trying to convince themselves and others that Trump somehow still shares their values, the criminality behind Trump’s attempts to cover up his affair cannot be rationalized away. A new criminal complaint by an ethics watchdog group may force Trump’s supporters, as well as the rest of the world, to acknowledge not only the moral failings of their commander-in-chief, but the legal failings, as well.

In an official letter of complaint to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Citizens for Ethical Responsibility (CREW) wrote that:

‘Newly reported information…suggests that President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen or Essential Consultants LLC made a loan to President Trump for which Mr. Cohen expected to be reimbursed after making a $130,000 payment on behalf of President Trump to a third party as part of a nondisclosure agreement. If it was a loan, President Trump seemingly violated federal law by failing to disclose it as a liability on his [campaign finance reports].’

The payment presents a problem whether or not it was a loan. If it was, CREW has laid out the reasons why it was a violation of federal law. If it wasn’t and Michael Cohen just paid Trump’s mistress, Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, off out of the kindness of his heart on behalf of Trump and with Trump’s knowledge, it is an in-kind donation that was also not reported on campaign finance disclosure forms and far exceeded the allowable amount of contributions that can legally be made to an individual presidential candidate.

Either way, Trump violated campaign finance laws, and CREW is determined to address that. CREW board chair Norman Eisen released a statement saying:

‘The more we learn about the Essential Consultants affair, the more it looks like something is missing from the president’s financial disclosures…If he failed to disclose this situation, we must ask, what else is he hiding?’

That’s the question most Americans have been asking about Donald Trump since even before he decided he’d make a shady run for the presidency.

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg