Donald Trump Says He’s Better Than Ronald Reagan At Pennsylvania Rally


Donald Trump is known worldwide as a blathering loud mouth. The majority of people can see right though his idiotic hot air, and realize that he has no clue what he’s talking about most of the time. Well today at a rally in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, Trump touched on one of the third rails of conservative politics. He said that Ronald Reagan wasn’t a perfect president. Putting down the man who conservatives see almost as a god could cause some Republicans to hold Trump in contempt. One has to wonder if this will cause Trump’s already historic low approval ratings to go down even further.

For some reason conservatives think that Reagan is the best president this country has ever had. Just like they do with Trump, they hung on every word Reagan ever said; they thought he could do no wrong. They fail to recognize that Reagan’s neoliberal tax policies caused our deficit and thus our debt to skyrocket, the same way they fail to recognize that Trump’s tax policies will do the same thing nowadays.

But does Trump really think Reagan “was not great on the trade?” Because this post from CNN Money suggests that Trump really thinks that Reagan did a fine job “on the trade.”

‘President Reagan deployed similar trade measures when motorcycle and semiconductor imports [from Japan] threatened U.S. industry. I remember…that had a big impact folks.’

Donald Trump just can’t keep his thinking straight. One day Trump thinks that Reagan did a bad job on trade, and the next he thinks he did a fine job. One day he thinks that Hillary Clinton would do a great job as president, then the next day he’s chanting to lock her up. It’s as if he has two different personalities. One is bad and the other is worse. This country needs someone at the helm that can be consistent in his or her thinking and one thing is for certain…that person is not Donald Trump.

Featured Image via Getty Images