DeVos Caught In A Massive Lie On ’60 Minutes’ & Instantly Stammers When Called Out


Since taking office, President Trump has seemingly made it a point to implement people in office who are not fit for their position, or rather, a complete opposite of what they should inherently stand for. Perhaps one of the foremost individuals that represents this thesis is that of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who has a long track record of being against public education, and in favor of profitable charter schools that ultimately benefit the corporations as opposed to the children. As she has come under fire on numerous occasions for her illogical stances, DeVos recently provided an interview on 60 Minutes which further provided insight into her lack of awareness and understanding on what is actually going on in public schools.

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In her interview with CBS’s Lesley Stahl, DeVos promoted her plan of defunding public education institutions, and instead, according to her, putting money into the students. Essentially, her plan aims to mitigate funding that is going to provide an extent of comprehensive education for students in low-income public areas, and instead reallocating these funds to choice schools, or the charter schools that she is so adamantly in support of.

However, when asked about what to do with the students who remain in these public institutions, DeVos quickly dodged the question by providing scant examples of schools that have implemented the program, such as those in Florida. Yet, when asked about her home state of Michigan, DeVos was unable to provide a clear answer regarding whether the choice option has benefitted the students of the state. She stated that Michigan schools do, in fact, need to do better, but further claimed that she has not visited the public institutions that are suffering as a result of her self-interested policies.

According to a CBS report, “Among President Trump’s cabinet moguls and titans, DeVos is the richest: she grew up wealthy and married even wealthier.”

Her position as a wealthy businesswoman is not necessarily the issue, but rather her disregard of young students hoping to get a proper education in the current failing system. A vast range of public institutions are currently suffering in providing comprehensive education, primarily in low-income neighborhoods, due to a lack of funding from the federal government. With DeVos’s plan, it is clear that these areas are only to be damaged even further, as the businesswoman takes the interests of herself and her colleagues over those of young impoverished students.

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