Top Dem Proposes Legislation To Stop Trump’s Tariff Trade War Before It’s Too Late


There is no doubt that the Trump administration has caused waves in the American political atmosphere since taking office last year. However, whereas it is common for GOP presidents to create rifts between themselves and their Democratic counterparts, this administration has taken it upon themselves to not only create conflict among the Democrats, but also started to increase the challenges between themselves and their Republican colleagues in the House and Senate. This is clearly seen in the inability of the Trump presidency to pass any of their divisive policies, as nearly every time members of their own party will go against the negligent proposals put forth by the current president.

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Most recently, Trump took the world by storm, by announcing that he was aiming to implement a set of tariffs on steel and aluminum products, effectively launching a trade war with many of America’s allies around the globe. Democrats and Republicans alike have heavily criticized the president’s irresponsible attempts, claiming that such an action would lead to widespread economic disaster. One representative, Republican Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is taking an active stance against the administration’s proposed tariffs, advocating for his fellow legislative colleagues to ensure that such detrimental taxes cannot be applied.

According to a report by POLITICO:

‘Sen. Jeff Flake is pushing legislation to block President Donald Trump’s new tariffs on steel and aluminum, declaring he won’t back any exemptions put forward by the administration.

“The problem is, when you say, ‘All right, let’s have tariffs. But let’s couple that with uncertainty,’ that’s almost worst. I mean, those are dual poisons to the economy,” the Arizona Republican said Sunday… “You know, tariffs are awful. Tariffs married to uncertainty is probably even worse.”‘

910241930 Top Dem Proposes Legislation To Stop Trump's Tariff Trade War Before It's Too Late Activism Domestic Policy Donald Trump Economy Featured Politics Top Stories
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Flake, who has frequently criticized the Trump administration, and who is retiring at the end of 2018, has urged his fellow congressman and senators to stand against the tariffs being proposed by the president, claiming that the implementation of such actions would severely roll back a great deal of economic prosperity that has been achieved in recent years.

Late last week, Trump proposed an idea, claiming that he will place a 25 percent tariff on steel products that are imported into the country, as well as another 10 percent tariff being placed on imported aluminum products. The only countries which would be exempt from the detrimental tariffs are Mexico and Canada, as a larger trade agreement is attempting to be negotiated between the three countries.

Upon announcing the tariffs, Republicans have been severely critical of the president’s proposal, and have claimed they will attempt to mitigate or eradicate the penalties altogether. However, even if the Republicans in the legislature vote to nullify the tariffs at hand, it will still be a long road to completing the process, due to the fact that Trump would need to sign the bill into law if it is to be implemented.

With such a wide range of controversies plaguing the Trump administration, it is clear that this is yet another challenge that the Republicans hoped they would not have to face at this given time. As data is showing waning support for the GOP among American voters, even greater conflict between the party was hoping to be avoided on the heels of the 2018 midterm elections.

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