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While most sane Americans believed that Trump’s impeachment would stem from the investigation into his president campaign’s alleged collusion with Russian government operatives, it appears that it may actually result from his affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford).

Trump, along with his attorney Michael Cohen, have moved their case against Clifford to federal court. They allege that she violated an agreement not to speak publicly about an affair she had with the president, although the White House still insists the affair never happened.

CNN reports that:

‘In Friday’s filing, the Trump and Cohen attorneys say that since Clifford agreed to pay $1 million for “each breach,” she could owe as much as $20 million if an arbitration judge sides with Trump’s and Essential Consultants’ attorneys.
In case there is confusion around why Trump and his attorney insist that Clifford violated the agreement to remain silent but also that the affair never happened, that confusion is justified. It makes no sense for the agreement to exist or its terms to be demanded if the affair is indeed a fabrication.
‘Clifford was not to disclose any confidential information about Trump or his sexual partners to anyone beyond a short list of individuals she had already told about the relationship, or share any texts or photos from Trump.’

Neither the president nor his attorney have explained how it was possible for Clifford to have texts or photos from Trump that she agreed not to disclose if there was no affair. For her part, Clifford has already defended her public statements by saying the contract she signed has already been violated by Trump’s attorney when he admitted to reporters that he personally paid her the hush money. The agreement was also not signed by Trump, but by Cohen, which her attorney, Michael Avenatti, says invalidates the document.
Other complications also exist with the non-disclosure agreement. One is the inconsistencies with the notary, who validated the signing by Cohen and Clifford, regarding her signatures on the documents. It appears that she signed one document next to Cohen’s name (Trump’s signature is not on the documents but is identified as David Dennison on the non-disclosure agreement and by his own name – which has been blacked out – on a side letter) and next to the missing signature of Dennison (Trump) while Cohen’s is missing. There are also questions as to why the document was notarized in Texas when Clifford does not live there.
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Image via Twitter via @TheViewFromLL2
Further complications have arisen with the allegations that Clifford has been intimidated by Trump’s lawyer, who Clifford says forced her to sign the agreement, and the claim by Avenatti that his client has been physically threatened to keep her silence. Avenatti would not say whether it was the president, his attorney, or anyone connected to Trump who made those threats, but said that disclosure would come in an upcoming 60 Minutes interview with Clifford on March 25. The attempts to silence her, Clifford and her lawyer say, have occured long past Trump’s taking office as president.

Interestingly, in an unrelated case involving wild disputes in Panama over a Trump hotel, the judge in that case alleges that Cohen has also made threats against her. That allegation was made on the same day that Avenatti disclosed that threats had been made against his client.

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