House Dems Break Major Fundraising Record In Effort To Take Power From GOP


Democrats are becoming more fired up with the 2018 midterm elections steadily approaching. The Democratic Party raised a smashing total of $100 million in 2017, which was a record-total for a non-election year. House Democrats, in particular, have a good chance of winning the House in November and are topping their efforts to get the push that just might send the GOP packing.

On Monday, the the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee issued a press release saying that they raised quite an impressive amount, totaling almost $10.6 million just for the month of February. The DCCC said that $3 million of that came from online fundraising, which specifically helps grassroots donors who tend to give in smaller amounts.

The $3 million is also the most the Democratic Party has ever raised in a February month, and a large increase from the 7.6 million that it raised in February 2016. According to the press release:

‘Reflecting the grassroots energy behind House Democrats, the committee raised $3.38M online in February with an average gift of $18. Nearly 55% of the total raised in February came from grassroots donations online, on the phones, and in the mail.’

The DCCC also reported:

‘Overall, the DCCC has raised over $125M total with over $50M coming from online donations. Over 300k first-time online donors contributed to this total. The DCCC has received nearly 3.5M individual gifts under $200 both online and through direct marketing this cycle.’

This is an amazing feat since Republicans fully control Washington, and the DCCC has out-raised the National Republican Congressional Committee to date. DCCC Chairman Ben Ray Luján said:

‘It’s been clear all cycle long that the grassroots are energized and unified around the goal of taking back the House. The DCCC’s historic fundraising combined with incredible candidate fundraising will ensure that Democratic candidates have the resources to tell their powerful stories and connect with voters.’


According to CNN:

‘Hoping to ride an energized base that’s set on delivering President Donald Trump a major loss, the party knows just where to look for the 24 GOP-held seats Democrats need to flip in order to retake control of the House: the suburbs. Educated, diverse swing districts around Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Orange County, California, make up many of the most competitive races in CNN’s first set of key House races.’

Currently, Republicans represent 23 districts where Hillary beat Trump in the 2016 presidential election. According to CNBC:

‘Democrats are growing more bullish on their midterm prospects and plan to target even more Republican-held House districts in November, NBC News reported Thursday.

‘In their push to take back the House, the minority party will now take aim at 101 seats held by the GOP, according to NBC. That marks the largest number of targets in a decade and goes well beyond districts that Democrat Hillary Clinton won in 2016, the report said.’

CNBC reports:

‘Republicans hold a 238 to 193 seat majority in the House, with four current vacancies. That means Democrats need to pick up 25 GOP seats to take over the House. According to NBC News’ count, at least 20 Republican incumbents have said they will retire this year.’

Featured image by Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images