Jim Carrey Just Turned His Artistic Talents On Trump & Conservatives Are Pitching A Fit


Over the course of the last year, the actions and policies of President Trump have not only drawn criticism from policymakers on both sides of the aisle, but perhaps more prominently from celebrities and influencers around the country. As actors and actresses, TV personalities, and a wide range of others have taken to social media and other means to protest Trump’s divisive policies, it has become evident that there are very few who inherently support the president’s agenda.

One person who has recently started to voice his opinion is none other than renowned and beloved comedic actor, Jim Carrey. In the last couple months, Carrey has posted cartoon drawings of individuals within the administration and colleagues of Trump, criticizing their activities and pointing fun at their corrupted ideals. Most recently, Carrey posted a drawing of President Trump as the Wicked Witch of the West from the well-known broadway play Oz.

Carrey uses a comedic play on words when claiming that Trump is the wicked witch of the “West Wing”, implying the president as having overtaken the White House. The flying monkeys represent others within the administration who have further propelled Trump’s divisive agendas, simply doing the bidding of the president and Russian president Vladimir Putin in infiltrating the White House. The cartoon image has gone viral on social media, especially on Twitter where it was first posted, as users can’t help but draw similarities to what happened in the popular play, and the reality of what is going on in American politics today.



Featured Image by Getty Images