GOP Candidate Jokes About Shooting A Congressman – The FBI Responds Immediately


While majority of level-headed lawmakers have decided to take action since the latest gun-related violence around the country, specifically the outcry that arose after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, others have continued to appease the gun lobbies and hyper conservatives. Unfortunately, those still bought off by interest groups such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) have failed to understand the inherent damages that their profit-driven policies are causing, and perhaps worse, have made light of recent tragedies that result from the lack of comprehensive gun control in the United States.

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On Tuesday, Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) posted a photo proudly showcasing his a button with the letter “F” written on it, referencing the grade given to him by the NRA regarding his record of pro-gun control votes in office. While Yarmuth depicted this image as a means of uniting his colleagues to find a bipartisan solution that would decrease the burgeoning gun-related violence around the country, those on the opposite side of the aisle saw it as a way to launch attacks, and to some degree threats, against the Democratic congressman.

Specifically so, Carl Nett, a former Secret Service agent and a Republican candidate for Kentucky’s secretary of state posted a reply to Yarmuth’s photo, claiming that he should move the button over a bit because he was trained to shoot “center mass.” The comment refers to the concept that, when shooting, people should aim for the torso as opposed to the limbs, because it is a larger and more easily hit target.

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Nett not only deleted the Twitter reply almost immediately after he posted it, he received widespread public backlash and negative press coverage from major media outlets. In an attempt to cover up the ill-advised tweet, Nett then followed up by justifying his previous comment, stating that he has been a protector of politicians that he has ideologically disagreed with, including Barack Obama, John Edwards, Hillary and Bill Clinton, and others.

However, perhaps something that is of greater concern for Nett was the actions taken by the FBI, as the Louisville branch of the bureau has now begun an investigation into the candidate’s threatening post. As the FBI starts looking into the best plan of action for how best to deal with the threatening claim, one Twitter user uncovered another older tweet wherein Nett further fortified his detrimental ideals. In the post, he implies that former President Obama did not deserve his protection, and that he was not a “bullet sponge for just anybody.”

Although Nett claims that the post regarding Yarmuth was meant to be taken as a joke, it does not justify making light of such a very serious issue plaguing the nation. Those who continue to disregard the tragedies that arise from a lack of comprehensive gun control should not only stay away from positions in public office, they evidently do not have the moral fortitude to make the difficult decisions necessary to ensure the safety and security of the American public.

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