BREAKING: Detailed Diary From Trump Mistress Surfaces On CNN; Delusional Donald Freaks


It’s a scandal that would end any other political figure, but in a Donald Trump presidency, it’s just Thursday. When Anderson Cooper sat down with Wolf Blitzer to talk about his upcoming interview with Karen McDougal, the former Playboy Playmate who says she had an affair with the president back when he was just a reality TV show host, he described all of the incriminatory evidence McDougal showed him documenting their affair.

When Blitzer asked about the details, Cooper said:

‘Well, it was far more than just one encounter. She says this was a relationship that went on for well over a year. I think she said, about 15 months or so, and she has diaries in which she marked the days that she spent or saw him or the evenings that she spent with Donald Trump. She would put a “DT” at the bottom of each diary entry.’

McDougal also has photos, including one of her with Trump, his wife Melania, and daughter Ivanka at a Playboy mansion for a Celebrity Apprentice event. She described a long romantic relationship with Trump that went on for months.

‘She says this went on and she had multiple sexual encounters, dozens and dozens of sexual encounters with Donald Trump over the course of their relationship. She said it was a real relationship; that she loved him, that he loved her. I asked her about the first time that they actually had a date after they met at the Playboy mansion. They talked, according to her, on the phone for several days after Mr. Trump had asked for her number.’

In a less flattering and more gag-worthy story, McDougal also says that, after their first sexual encounter, Trump tried to hand her money as though she were a prostitute.

‘After we had been intimate, he tried to pay me, and I actually didn’t know how to take that…I don’t even know how to describe the look on my face. It must have been so sad.’

As evidence against Trump that he has been unfaithful to all three of his wives, and unfaithful to his current wife for some time, it remains to be seen how long his marriage will hold up under the scandals.

For a clip of the interview, see video below:

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