BREAKING: Robert Mueller Evidence From ‘Digital Expert’ Announcement Rocks Trump & GOP


The news broke a few days ago that the company Cambridge Analytica misused Facebook data from up to 50 million user profiles. The scary part is that it wasn’t done by hacking, but rather from people unknowingly volunteering the information. According to Vox

 ‘What is new is that, essentially, major news outlets have taken two stories — what Cambridge Analytica did, and what Facebook knew about what CA did — and pieced them together into a report that spawned immediate concern from the public and a swift response from Facebook. As a result, we now have even less room for plausible deniability about a problem we are lately frequently confronting: a failure to anticipate how technology meant to work on an individual level might be repurposed or exploited when scaled up to apply to millions.’

Now, unfortunately, it has also come out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team has been looking into links between Cambridge Analytica and the Republican National Committee. According to ABC News:

 ‘Sources tell ABC News several digital experts who worked in support of Trump’s bid in 2016 have met with Mueller’s team for closed-door interviews. The staffers, most of whom were employed by the RNC, served as key members of the 2016 operation working closely with the campaign and the data firm, the sources said. The company worked closely with the Republican candidate’s political team.’

It is very plausible that Cambridge Analytica could have been involved in the Russian meddling . In early June of 2016, Trump campaign digital advisor Brad Parscale brought on Cambridge Analytica. ABC reported:

‘Three Cambridge Analytica employees, including two data scientists, immediately moved to San Antonio to embed with Parscale’s firm and by August, the number of fulltime staffers in Texas ballooned to 13.’

Not too long after, Parscale left Texas to move into Trump Tower in September and a mid-level employee from the data firm was sent to interpret daily polling records. According to ABC:

‘Cambridge Analytica was one entity involved in creating the voter information and fundraising database now known as Project Alamo, built jointly by staffers from the RNC, the Trump campaign and Parscale’s firm with data supplied by the RNC and the campaign, sources said.’

A spokesman for the Trump campaign issued a statement saying that they:

‘used the RNC for its voter data and not Cambridge Analytica. Using the RNC data was one of the best choices the campaign made. Any claims that voter data were used from another source to support the victory in 2016 are false.’

ABC also reported:

‘A source with direct knowledge who has met with the special counsel’s team tells ABC News investigators have asked former senior level campaign staff about the digital operations, specifically how data was collected and used and how assets were targeted specifically in the battleground states. Mueller’s team has asked witnesses about the process of “micro targeting” which is the process of using data to identify specific groups of individuals and thereby influence their thoughts and potentially their actions.’

Perhaps, what Trump said at a town hall meeting in 2015 is appropo:

‘I understand social media. I understand Twitter, I understand the power of Twitter I understand the power of Facebook. Maybe better than almost anybody, based on my results.’

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

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