BREAKING: Trump Disappears; $150,000,000 Fraudulent Money Funnel Scandal Announced


Donald Trump has played around with spectacular million-dollar-real-estate deals running into the hundreds of millions. Yet, in that arena, his risks are extremely great, too. One of the off-shore companies the Trump family partnered with is in deep, deep trouble.

An Indian real estate investment company, IREO, worked with the Trump Organization on a mutually profitable project in India. Now, two international investment companies have accused Trump’s partner of “illegally siphoning off” a minimum of $147 million from its investors. Those involved said that the amount could possibly rise to almost $200 million.

The investment companies that made the accusation “filed a criminal complaint with New Delhi police,” according to The Washington Post. The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and Axon Partners filed the complaint. Together they had invested about $300 million.

The complaint did not include the Trump Organization’s partnership with IREO. Managing director for IREO, Lalit Goyal, sent a letter to the company’s investors. It read:

‘As far as the allegation of fraud, diversion and misappropriation of fraud is concerned, that is false, baseless and devoid of any merit.’

The letter continued, claiming the lawsuit was:

‘Needless and unwarranted distraction (potentially resulting in) significant damage and harm to IREO.’

The real estate investment company had worked with the Trump Organization on a project, according to the Post.

Donald Trump Jr. was recently in India churning up business for the Trump Organization. The president turned his business over to his eldest and second eldest sons when he moved into the White House. Goyal said:

‘(A) truly a fantastic group. (And he considered the Trump Organization) the ideal partner.’

The younger Trump promoted “Trump-branded developments” sprinkled throughout India. In a promo piece, Donald Trump, Jr. also marketed “a conversation and dinner” with Donald Trump, Jr. for $38,000 to “buyers of certain apartments.” The deal smelled.

Back in India, Goyal heaped compliments on Trump, Jr., in his 2017 interview with the Washington Post:

‘(He was) very focused on what the commercial building should be. The shape of the glass, what customers like. He was very businesslike.’

Trump and IREO started talks about working together in 2013, but nothing came of it. Then, in 2016, they signed a licensing agreement for a luxury office building.

If Trump, Jr. knew of IREO’s problems,, according to the Post, he:

‘Did not promote IREO on the trip only briefly mentioning the real estate partner in a CNBC interview.’

Goyal did not comment about the complaint.

At the same time, the first son of three in the president’s family announced that he and his wife have begun divorce proceedings. Vanessa and Trump, Jr. were married for 12 years, and the split was “friendly.” Manhattan family law expert Bonnie Rabin spoke about Mrs. Trump’s attorney, White Plains NY’s David Feureisen, according to Page Six:

‘It’s a curious choice if it’s an amicable separation. If it’s an amicable situation, you wouldn’t be highlighting the criminal aspect.’

A spokesperson for Vanessa said:

‘Vanessa’s attorney is someone whom she and her family have known for over 20 years. He practices in many areas of the law and … is not a criminal defense attorney.”

Featured Image via Getty Images/David Becker.