Delusional Donald Wakes Up & Live Tweets Bizarre Mental Collapse Like A Lunatic On Drugs


Trump’s tweets are getting stranger and stranger as the walls close in around him in the accusations of Russian collusion during the campaigns, illegal data mining from Cambridge Analytica ( who admittedly worked to  help Trump get elected), and his affairs with adult film star Stormy Daniels as well as Playboy playmate Karen McDougal.

It’s interesting that Trump wants to bring up threats considering Stephanie Clifford’s (aka Stormy Daniels) upcoming 60 Minutes interview where she says she will prove, unequivocally, that she has received threats of physical violence from Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, who would have been speaking on the president’s behalf as his lawyer.

In fact, Joe Biden never threatened Trump. In fact, he said what any man with a shred of decency would say when hearing Trump’s disgusting words about women, especially his remarks about grabbing women by their vaginas.

‘If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him.’

Of course, the president then had to act like a high school bully and insist that he could whip Biden in a fist fight, because that’s completely normal behavior for an adolescent, although it isn’t normal from the president of the United States.

The presidential elections ended 498 days ago and absolutely no one is still talking about Trump’s campaign speeches, but just to review, here are just a few examples of Donald Trump’s “great speeches” from campaign rallies:

South Carolina, January 8, 2016:  ‘Who’s gonna pay for the wall? (Crowd: Mexico!) Who’s gonna pay for the wall? (Crowd: Mexico!) Who’s gonna pay for that wall? (Crowd: Mexico!) You better believe it, and they’ll do it. Look, I have, oh look at this hat, I love it! I love it. You know, a poll just came out, in all fairness, because I love the Mexican people. I love the Mexican people, many of them work for me.’

Ohio, October 13, 2016: ‘I took Hillary, and told Hillary, the other day at the debate, which we did win quite easily, look, she’s highly overrated, believe me. You know, she couldn’t pass her bar exam in Washington, D.C., couldn’t pass it. She failed. She’s an overrated person.’

While people were certainly stunned that Trump pulled off the election win, it wasn’t because of his “great speeches.” As the American people now know, the former reality TV show host had quite a bit of help from Russia, from a data firm that illegally mined information from Facebook users, and from illegal hacking of the DNC’s emails, facilitated by a fugitive from justice for rape charges named Julian Assange and one of Trump’s campaign advisors, Roger Stone.

Twitter was appalled by Trump’s insane rambling, and let him know about it:

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