Popular Republican Caught Faking Nursing Degree & Their Career Could Be Coming To An End


The president has a documented history of freely lying; he makes stuff up when it suits him, having done so literally thousands of times at this point. His lies have ranged from a claim that the tax reform bill he signed into law late last year was the biggest tax cut in history, to claims about the supposed permeability of the American immigration system.

Trump is hardly the only one in his party to lie, however, with an array of his statements falling under the heading of “untruths” and “misstatements,” since it’s easy for him to veer into the territory of make-believe considering how highly he considers his own opinion.

Down the line in his party, there is another newly reported instance of such an “untruth,” this time in North Carolina. A Republican state lawmaker elected first in 2016 has been busted for having had her website and Facebook page both identify her as a registered nurse when she was, in fact, no such thing.

In the state of North Carolina, the nursing profession is regulated by the state, and the Republican North Carolina state lawmaker in question — Rep. Beverly Boswell — was contacted multiple times by the state nursing board over the issue of her misidentifying herself.

In reality, she is a medical assistant and phlebotomist, neither of which require specific state-issued licenses in North Carolina, although of course, many employers require such individuals to obtain competency certifications from professional organizations.

Boswell first got a call from the state nursing board last week, but after the contact, she only corrected her website and not her Facebook page. She corrected her Facebook page after a follow-up call from the board’s spokesman David Kalbacker this Tuesday, saying that her delay was just because the issue “fell through the cracks.”

In an email to local paper The News & Observer, Kalbacker was blunt, saying:

‘Rep. Boswell is not a licensed nurse nor has she ever been a licensed nurse.’

Boswell blames her misidentification on an unidentified lower level volunteer misunderstanding what her job was.

Tuesday morning, her campaign Facebook page described her as follows:

‘Working her way up from struggling single mother to registered nurse and Dare County Commissioner, Beverly rejects the liberal notions of victim-hood and government dependency.’

Describing the situation surrounding her profession that led the volunteer to the apparent misunderstanding, Boswell commented:

‘Anytime you put on a uniform and go in a doctor’s office people assume you’re a nurse or doctor and you have to correct and correct and correct.’

The issue over her misidentifying herself is not the only one Boswell has faced recently; she has also faced criticism for having referred to students as Tide pod eaters in the wake of the national day of school walkouts held recently to honor the victims of last month’s school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Despite the criticism of individuals like Boswell, the national movement for gun control is only continuing to gain momentum.

In this year’s midterm elections, Democrats hope to both “gain influence” in the North Carolina state government and in Washington, D.C.

Democrat Conor Lamb’s recent victory in a Congressional district Trump won by about 20 percent has buoyed Democrats’ hopes.

Featured Image via Al Drago/CQ Roll Call