Anti-Gun Activists Leave A Loud Message At Trump Hotel In D.C. – Trump Ducks & Dodges


The March for Our Lives protests which took place Saturday around the country not only took the nation by storm, but received support and solidarity with gun control activists from around the world. Students from across the United States and abroad took to the streets to rally for more comprehensive gun control laws in the country, following the tragic events that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida last month. The students, many of whom became activists immediately following the shooting, have demanded for better gun control legislation to be implemented, criticizing gun lobbies such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Republican lawmakers that continue to do their bidding.

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Knowing that protesters would be descending on the White House on Saturday, Trump had planned to be away from Washington when the rallies were occurring, a depiction of his inability to confront the numerous challenges facing the country today. Nevertheless, the rally had far-reaching influence, as an NBC article stated:

‘Organizers estimated that approximately 800,000 people attended the march. Across the country, there were more than two dozen marches that occurred in large cities, including New York, Miami, Cincinnati, Houston, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh. Rallies were also held around the world in Israel, New Zealand, Australia, the U.K., Japan, Belgium, India, France and Chile.’

Organizers stated that the march was taking place in unison with roughly 800 other marches around the world, all showing solidarity and shedding light on the need to curb increasing gun violence. Despite the fact that President Trump decided to leave Washington prior to the occurrence of these marches, protesters took an action that is sure to get his attention following the protest.

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Instead of throwing out their signs or disposing of them after the rally, many of the protesters in attendance decided to take them to the Trump Hotel in D.C., in an attempt to show the administration and the country that they will not back down until their demands, and the demands of so many others, are met. The signs that piled up range from drawings of gun silhouettes having been crossed out, as well as some that are focused on the GOP as a whole, and their failure to protect the American public while catering to the interests of gun lobbies.

Despite a strong police presence that followed protesters during the rally, it was clear that those advocating for gun control had nothing but peaceful solutions on their mind, as no altercations or conflicts broke out during the protest. The march today provides insight into the relentlessness of the coming generation, and the fact that they will not stand idly by while politicians continue to uphold the status quo.

Considering the fact that this new generation will soon take their battle to the voting booth, it is apparent that the GOP is not only in trouble as far as retaining their current seats in Congress, but furthermore, that the future of their party’s prominence is in a delicate balance. If Republicans fail to forgo the basic concerns of student activists advocating for gun control, the finances given to them by gun lobbies will become useless in their bids for office.

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