Trump Advisers Tell Him Not To Respond To Sex Scandals – Donald Immediately Acts A Fool


To say that the president has been enveloped in scandal would be an understatement. Besides the omnipresent Russia scandal, in recent weeks, two women have taken a place at the front of the news cycle with their stories of affairs with the president while he was married to his current wife, Melania.

One of the women — the adult film star known as Stormy Daniels — was given hush money and made to sign a nondisclosure agreement by the Trump team; the other — former model Karen McDougal — sold the rights to her story to a Trump allied media company that’s so far refused to publish anything on it.

One facet of this story that has not emerged as clearly as it has in other scandals is the president’s Twitter-take on the whole ordeal. He’s obviously not at all shy about using the social media platform to air his views, but he’s not exactly tweeting about every little development in the scandals associated with his affairs as he has in the case of other scandals.

The Wall Street Journal reports on this situation as a rare one in which the president has chosen to heed the advice of his allies and advisers inside the White House. His silence this time around comes after, according to the publication, his “advisers have told him that there is no sign the allegations are hurting him with voters and have warned him that it would look inappropriate for the president to engage in a public spat with, among others, a former porn star.”

As for the scandal itself, it’s set to take another sharp turn when 60 Minutes airs a sit down with Stormy Daniels Sunday night. We will see how long the struggling president can resist taking to Twitter to address the scandal.

Featured Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images