NY Daily News Responds To Stormy Daniels Interview With Cover Photo For The Ages (IMAGE)


Whether or not the news of Donald Trump’s extramarital affair with adult film actress Stormy Daniels (aka Stephanie Clifford) will rock his standing with an evangelical Republican base, the president will never live down the story told on 60 Minutes by his former mistress.

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The preview of the upcoming cover was accompanied by a summary of the story Clifford told to Anderson Cooper, none of which was flattering to the president with the world’s most fragile ego. After explaining how she met the former reality TV show host and how she came to be in his hotel room, Clifford delivered a massive blow to Trump’s depiction of himself as a ladies’ man surrounded by swarms of beautiful women just dying to have sex with him.

‘Daniels went on to describe having sex with Trump that night, even though she was not physically attracted to him and regretted putting herself in the position of being alone with him in his hotel room.’

The publication has also published stories on the other Trump affair in the news lately with former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal, who, unlike Clifford, says her relationship with Trump lasted for several months and was a love affair rather than a business arrangement with a promised reward of an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice and a condominium.

As one of the most highly-read publications from Trump’s own home state of New York, the Daily News has not been shy in their criticism of Trump, nor is this the first time they have referred to the president as a clown.

In fact, it is their most common representation of the bombastic showboat who managed to insult and rant his way into the White House, making it no surprise that others hit back with insults and rants against him.

To date, Trump has made no public statement of denial of either Clifford’s or McDougal’s stories, although he has asked his press secretary and deputy press secretary to issue denials and odd deflections in his name.

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