Chicago Cubs Honor Parkland Kids In Awesome Show Of Solidarity Against Haters


Spring is here, and so it is time for America to celebrate its national pastime: baseball. Opening day is a huge draw for baseball fans, and this year’s day is sure to spark the fury of both Trump and the NRA.

One team is using this increased visibility to make a statement in support of the Parkland, Florida survivors. An alum of the high school where the massacre took place, Chicago Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo led his team in a salute to honor those survivors. According to the Chicago Tribune:

‘The Cubs wore Stoneman Douglas High Schol T-shirts before Thursday’s opener to honor the victims of the mass shooting on Feb. 14, and first baseman Anthony Rizzo lauded the student activists for speaking out on our gun laws.’

Not only did Rizzo show empathy and compassion for the students that survived a horrific event. He lauded the fact that the students turned their grief into action:

‘“I think these kids are standing up for what they believe in,” he said. “They’re motivating everyone to go out there and register to vote, which is amazing. That’s as powerful as they can make their voice heard — going out and vote.

‘“They’re holding the throttle down on all these politicians, holding them accountable for what they believe in. It’s just unbelievable how an entire nation is rallying around Stoneman Douglas High School.”’

Rizzo even confronted the many grown adults that have attacked the Parkland students:

‘“Where is your sense of sympathy?” he said. “It’s as real as it gets. If you don’t think it‘s real, go there. It’s crazy to hear that. Anytime you (speak out) you’re going to deal with backlash. I think what they’re doing is amazing.”’

People are incredibly supportive of the Cubs’ memorial to the shooting victims:

Given the fact that President Trump has already attacked the owner of the Cubs, we don’t imagine he’ll be too thrilled with Rizzo standing in solidarity with the Parkland students that have been so critical of Trump.

Featured image: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty