Eric & Don Jr. Go Ballistic On Jeb Bush After He Said They Didn’t Love Daddy Trump


The Trump kids are up in arms after Jeb Bush remarked at daddy Donald Trump Wednesday night during a speech at Yale University. Bush delivered a fairly low blow, and as truthful as it was, it was mean. Jeb told the crowd about the 2016 presidential election that “at least I get to go home to kids who actually love me.” This not so thinly-veiled attack on Trump set in place a chain reaction, including responses from two of Trump’s children.

The two eldest sons tweeted the following messages to Jeb Bush Thursday morning:

These two continually try to earn their father’s affection, but just like every other time they make fools of themselves in  public for their father, he ignores them, not even responding to the fact that they stood up for him. Anyone else, and Donald would have praised them repeatedly, but his children he apparently deems unworthy of the same praise he bestows on complete strangers who happen to agree with him.

It’s kind of sad, when you think of it. Their whole lives, they barely see the guy. They mimic his every move, even his mannerisms and the way in which he communicates verbally. Don Jr., in particular, desperately attempts to make his father proud at every turn, even becoming a womanizing jerk.

You may love your daddy, but does your daddy love you?