Michael Cohen’s Lawyer May Have Just Botched The Stormy Daniels Case Big Time


Perhaps one of the biggest blunders, and biggest thorns, in the side of the Trump presidency currently is the ongoing battle between Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen surrounding the formerly signed Non-Disclosure Agreement that was established to keep Daniels from revealing damning information regarding her interactions with Donald Trump.

What was hoped for by the administration was to be something that could be easily dismissed and overcome, has now become a downward spiral of ever-increasing information being identified that could further damage not only the little credibility left in the administration, but perhaps uncover some illicit activity that had previously gone undisclosed.

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Despite the legal battles between Daniels – who is represented by Michael Avenatti-  and Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen – who is represented by David Schwartz –  recent activities have now provided a pathway for the case to be blown wide open in favor of Daniels. The NDA that was signed between Daniels and Cohen, had a specific line reserved for the signature of an individual by the name of “David Dennison”, who many are now reporting was an alias for Donald Trump and setup as a means of keeping Trump’s name away from any potential consequences that could arise. However, in what seems to be a massive mishap on behalf of Trump’s legal team, the enforcement of the agreement is essentially in the hands of Dennison, thus creating a legal gray area as to whether the NDA is enforceable or not.

However, the larger problem arose when Schwartz appeared to talk to CNN’s Erin Burnett, and in his interview denied entirely that Trump had any knowledge of the agreement that was signed, nor the $130,000 payment that was given to Daniels. As a result, given that Dennison is the only party to be able to enforce the agreement, and granted that Dennison is simply an alias for Donald Trump, it creates a lose-lose situation for the president in the case.

If he steps forward and enforces the NDA as David Dennison, it would bring about an array of new questions as to the knowledge of the Trump campaign in paying Stormy Daniels; however, if he does not come forward as Dennison, then the NDA as a whole is rendered unenforceable, allowing Daniels to do and say whatever she pleases regarding the affair she had with Trump.

Yet another issue arises in regards to Cohen himself, especially if Schwartz’s claim of Trump being completely out of the loop is true. If Cohen did, in fact, act on Trump’s behalf without the knowledge or permission of his client, then it could lead to violations of the code of ethics, and may potentially cause disbarment for Trump’s lawyer.

With the Stormy Daniels case causing much more trouble for the Trump administration than they had initially expected, it is clear that the new discoveries have opened up a box of potential consequences that the Trump team had hoped to leave in the past. With Schwartz having made such a bold public comment, it has caused even greater speculation and concern regarding the actions of Trump’s legal team, and the president himself.

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