Trump Considering Running The W.H. By Himself – The Reason Is Looney Toons


Everyone knows. Trump is terrible at keeping staff around. He fires people via Twitter.

He publicly lashes out at anyone who disagrees with him, whether they are his aides, the media, or other politicians. So it’s unsurprising that Trump’s White House has a historically high turnover rate.

But we cannot pretend that his hot-headed firings are the only issue. Just as disturbing is his insistence that his staff and aides are disposable because he is the one that has all the answers. CNN reports that in the current vacuum of the West Wing, outside advisors are urging Trump to strike out on his own:

‘Several of President Donald Trump’s outside advisers have told him over the past week he requires neither a chief of staff nor a communications director, at least in the traditional definition of those jobs, according to a person familiar with the conversations.’

His self-reliance is completely linked to his evident narcissism, “No one can do it like I can!”

The fawning advisors mentioned above, the ones who are encouraging Trump’s narcissistic behavior, are accelerating Trump down the path of authoritarianism. The fact that they would honestly recommend for the President of the United States to eliminate the roles of Chief of Staff and Communications Director shows that they are seeking to prove their loyalty to Trump. These “outside advisors” know that the way to prove their loyalty is say that Trump has limitless capacity:

‘Any constraints that had been in place to moderate the tyrant’s whims are set aside; no advice that counters his own gut impulses can be tolerated. And so, over the last couple of weeks, we have seen the president fire Rex Tillerson and Andrew McCabe, two individuals who simply couldn’t capitulate to the demand that they obey only Trump, rather than the country as well.’

Trump will likely continue this purge, finding in the end that no one can live up to his standard. No one can enable Trump as much as Donald J. Trump.

Featured image: Jeff Swensen/Getty