Federal Judge Delivers Weekend Ruling To Stop Trump Policy & Donald Is Totally Unhinged


Trump’s election was troubling for many reasons: among other campaign promises he intended to destabilize the healthcare system, build a giant wall, and ban Muslim immigrants to the U.S. In actuality, Trump’s policy positions had little to do with actual beliefs and strong convictions. Donald Trump said whatever would get him the most applause at a rally.

This lack of centering morality in his administration has led to a dangerous phenomenon. In the vacuum that is the Trump admin, other agendas are given free reign, as long as the person is displaying the proper amount of fealty to Trump himself.

We’ve seen this occur most notably in the strangely pointed focus of the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Instead of focusing on, you know, refugee resettlement, the head of the ORR, Scott Lloyd, has a laser-focus on the reproductive choices of the teen girls in his care.

In he past, Lloyd has showed open disdain for women who have abortions:

‘Women, he added, should “sign a pledge” that if they have an abortion, they would become ineligible for taxpayer-funded contraception.’

Lloyd is personally ensuring that these girls cannot access abortions:

‘Seven immigrant teenagers in federal custody asked the Trump administration to let them get abortions between March and December 2017, but their requests were personally refused by an official known for his anti-abortion views, documents exclusively obtained by VICE News show.

‘All of the girls were eventually allowed to undergo the procedure, though three of them fought for and won the right in court after filing suit against the Trump administration.’

After these teen girls obtained their abortion, Trump sought to overturn the rule that secured their reproductive rights. The ACLU soon filed a suit on behalf of these minors still seeking abortions.

Late this evening a judge issued an emergency ruling in favor of these minors.

According to WTVA, the ACLU issued this statement:

‘”The Trump administration’s cruel policy of blocking young immigrant women in federal custody from accessing abortion is a blatant abuse of power. We are relieved that the court issued an order preventing the administration from continuing this practice while our case proceeds. With today’s rulings, we are one step closer to ending this extreme policy once and for all and securing justice for all of these young women.”‘

Featured image: Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post via Getty