26 U.S. Generals & Flag Officers Just Dissed Trump In The Most Embarrassing Way Ever


The Trump administration isn’t really known for being all-inclusive where military personnel are concerned. In fact they’re a lot more bigoted than a citizenry that is becoming more progressive all the time. That’s kind of to be expected considering Trump chose notorious homophobe Mike Pence as his second-in-command.

VP Mike Pence. (Photo by Cheriss May/NurPhoto)

Trump’s newest move to keep transgender people and those with sexual dysphoria out of the military is quite disturbing. Friday, he released a statement which effectively bans transgender troops who require surgery or significant medical treatment, or those who have already had sexual reassignment surgery from serving in the military except in select cases, as reported by POLITICO.

The basis for his renewed attempt to ban transgendered people from the military was a report written by the Department of Defense. As can be imagined, it’s caused quite an uproar.

Today, 26 retired military officers responded to Trump’s ill-informed, and bigoted order. A statement from those officers was presented to the Palm Center, who forwarded that statement at our request. It said:

‘The Administration’s announcement on the treatment of transgender service members is a troubling move backward. Many of us personally experienced the belated removal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ and faced firsthand how that mistaken policy set back our force and enabled discrimination against patriotic gay and lesbian Americans. We learned a clear lesson: the singling out of one group of service members for unequal treatment harms military readiness, while inclusion supports it. Under the newly announced policy, most transgender individuals either cannot serve or must serve under a false presumption of unsuitability, despite having already demonstrated that they can and do serve with distinction. They will now serve without the medical care every service member earns, and with the constant fear of being discharged simply for who they are. We should not return to the days of forcing men and women to hide in the shadows and serve their country without institutional support. This deprives the military of trained and skilled service members, which harms readiness and morale. There is simply no reason to single out brave transgender Americans who can meet military standards and deny them the ability to serve.’

The statement then included the names and ranks of the 26 General and Flag Officers. Only time will tell if Trump’s ban will go into effect though, because the case is still being debated in the courts.

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