Woman Sues Trump To Void A Nondisclosure & What She Has To Say Will Disgust You


The president’s campaign remains up and running at this point, even though he has a country to run. He filed for re-election sooner than any other modern commander-in-chief and followed that up by holding an array of campaign rallies during his first year in office.


Now, the Trump campaign has been dragged further into controversy like the president personally is involved in.

Bloomberg News reports that Jessica Denson has sued to be free from a nondisclosure agreement she signed covering her time on the job as an employee of the Trump campaign, saying that it is too broad of an agreement and pointing to the campaign seeking to keep her from moving forward with discrimination and harassment claims as evidence.

Denson says that a supervisor made “derogatory and demeaning comments” about her following a promotion and followed that up by going so far as to direct another staffer to commandeer her personal laptop and files. That supervisor also, according to Denson, started a rumor that she was the one responsible for the leak of Trump’s tax returns last year.

It’s unclear if she would have even had access to the returns; talk after a portion of the president’s 2005 returns were leaked centered on individuals in the president’s inner circles considering the sensitivity of the documents. A portion of the return was reported upon by MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Denson originally filed her lawsuit covering her claims of discrimination while working for the Trump campaign last November in New York state court; the Trump campaign followed that up by filing an arbitration claim seeking a whopping $1.5 million in damages.

Now, in light of the Trump campaign’s move, she’s filed a lawsuit seeking to be free from the nondisclosure agreement altogether, saying that it “violates public policy and is too vague and too broad.”

Denson, described by Bloomberg as “a Los Angeles-based journalist and actress who oversaw phone banks and Hispanic outreach” for the Trump campaign, is, as the outlet notes, not the first woman seeking to be free from a nondisclosure agreement connected to the president.

Back in 2016, the Trump team got adult film star Stormy Daniels to sign a nondisclosure agreement covering an alleged affair with the president. Daniels is now suing to be free from that agreement, claiming that it’s invalid because the president himself never signed it.

As Bloomberg notes, a third woman named Karen McDougal is also suing to be free from an agreement for her silence connected to the president. The Trump allied American Media, Inc., bought the rights to her story of an alleged affair with the president and subsequently declined to actually publish anything about it.

In addition to all of this, The Washington Post reported last month that the president got senior staff members to sign nondisclosure agreements that covered not only confidential information but also unclassified and non-confidential White House issues.

The legitimacy of those agreements has been called into question just like what has taken place in the case of the other aforementioned agreements. White House Counsel Don McGahn allegedly told staffers that the agreements were meant to appease the president more than they were meant to be enforceable.

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