Sinclair Just Responded To Rogue Syndicates Who Refused To Repeat Scripted Speech


John Oliver, host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, enjoys shining the spotlight on corruption in a humorous and refreshing way. He’s done great shows on tax exempt churches, too strict bail bond rules, for-profit colleges, asset forfeiture, and net neutrality. The net neutrality episode aired at the same time the FCC was asking for public comments on the subject, so Oliver gave his viewers the website address. So many people commented on their website that it couldn’t handle the traffic and crashed.

Oliver’s take on various subjects carries a lot of weight with his viewers, and they usually respond in a big way. Yesterday’s episode shined the light on media giant Sinclair Broadcasting Group, and how they force their anchors to read from prepared scripts, and how they’re really just reinforcing Donald Trump’s “fake news” propaganda. Warning—there may be some adult language in the video below.

The clip Oliver put together is fantastic, and Sinclair most definitely can’t deny what they’re doing. They’re using local anchors, that viewers trust, as a weapon to sow seeds of discord and mistrust among the people who watch their show. Oliver had spoken about Sinclair’s deception on a different episode earlier this year, but last night’s show really caught people’s attention. Apparently it even caught the attention of Sinclair Broadcasting, because today an unnamed staffer at the Portland, Oregon Sinclair outlet KATU leaked a copy of an internal memo that the station issued to its employees most definitely in response to Oliver’s report. It’s kind of ironic that the last paragraph warns employees not to talk to the media…considering Sinclair Broadcasting IS “the media”.

But like all good right wing propaganda machines everywhere, Sinclair certainly don’t want the public to know how their organization operates or just what they’re doing to their viewers. But here’s a little secret…what they’re doing is staging the very attack on democracy they’re warning their viewers about. Luckily for us we have someone like John Oliver to teach us about what’s going on out there. When he spreads the word about one form of corruption or another, people usually react to it. Today the Twitterverse called for boycotts of Sinclair stations and their advertisers, and that must scare the heck out of the propaganda organization. Below original edited video by Deadspin is below.

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