Woman Confronts Ted Cruz On Camera – Delivers Humiliating Question To His Face


Over the course of the last year, especially since the taking of office by Donald Trump, it has become fairly evident that there are major rifts between citizens in American society. Disagreements and varying beliefs on a range of issues have shown that partisan politics is more alive than ever before, leading to failures by the legislative branch to be able to implement policies that truly benefit the majority of the American people. However, for all the differences and obstacles that have become apparent between the two sides of the aisle, there is one issue that seems to unite those who are affected by it, regardless of whether they are Democrat or Republican. That issue, which has also been hotly contested, due to the current administration’s agenda, is that of universal and affordable healthcare for all.

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Since taking office, one of the first measures that the Trump administration has pushed for is the repeal of the Obama-era Affordable Care Act (ACA), which provided universally mandated coverage for citizens, allowing those who were unable to afford it previously to have access to care. However, given Trump’s apparent personal vendetta against former president Obama, both the administration and members of the GOP have worked to dismantle the ACA, leaving millions without comprehensive coverage. As the issue has grown in severity among voting citizens, policymakers who have followed along with Trump’s attack against healthcare are becoming subject to backlash from their constituents.

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A video that was uploaded to YouTube Tuesday night portrays Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) being confronted by a woman in Austin, requesting that he take a DNA test to ensure that he is actually a human. The woman, who was identified as Tammy Talpas, read from a prepared statement regarding her current health challenges, stating that her multiple pre-existing conditions have left her with limited options, either having to forgo care or risk bankruptcy by joining a high-risk health insurance pool.

Due to her inability to receive the necessary care without becoming financially destabilized, Talpas asked for Cruz to submit the DNA test as a reference to the immoral and unethical healthcare policies being promoted by the senator and other GOP members in Congress. According to the video that was posted, Cruz responded by saying that, “well, Ma’am, thank you for that. You know, one of the great things about our Democratic system is that we can treat each other with respect and civility.”

Cruz has been an outspoken advocate of allowing insurance companies to separate their clientele based on the risk that the individuals pose to the company, which would cause those designated as higher-risk to have inadequate and expensive care, while those who are considered lower-risk more comprehensive and affordable coverage.

Cruz’s inability to provide a coherent answer, while simultaneously daring to use words such as “respect” and “civility” provide insight into the disregard of many GOP members when it comes to the issue of healthcare. If such concepts were really on the forefront of the senator’s mind, it would not be very civil to deprive an ill woman of necessary care.

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